"My life purpose is to lovingly gift all with the knowledge to make powerful decisions to realize their excellence."

I am in a profession that encompasses all of what I value: creativity, wonder, humanness, getting things done, grace and appreciation. Professional coaching. Wow! I am living my life purpose to use my God-given talent to lovingly gift all with the knowledge and skills to realize your excellence.


In 2014 I found myself being laid off from a job that I knew was the best position I would ever again have in my career field, senior intelligence analyst. The US Government was adjusting to new fiscal realities and my experience, training and accomplishments were secondary to cost cutting. I could not bring myself to accept a 50% pay cut and worse, a limited ability to influence change on critical national security projects. I had to ask myself, again, now what? I was in my early sixties, too young to retire, full of energy and a lifetime of experience.


I worked a while to help the contractor that won the new contract. But, that contract vehicle was designed for failure. I hung out my shingle as a consultant, spent countless hours networking, preparing and interviewing but the work and offers did not come.


Northern Virginia has many supports for job seekers and veterans. At the Career Network Ministry, a large regional career transition support organization, one night I heard Absolutely Abby, Abby Kohut, speak. She painted a stark picture. Millions of professionals were struggling to find jobs. Worse, older job seekers (What? Me?) are systemically discriminated against by corporations. Her answer, take my God-given talents and create a job that was mine, mine alone. Create a calling that would inspire me, challenge me, and nourish my soul!


Abby Kohut’s words rang in my head. I reconnected to the method I used to find a new career when I was approaching mandatory retirement from 25 years in the Army. I interviewed colleagues and family. I inventoried all my previous professions, training and life experiences. I realized that I wanted to build my next phase of my life on the work I did helping people using my skills as a therapist, relationship skills instructor and my commitment for meeting people without judging and with a high regard for who they were as a person.


I then found coaching. Skeptical at first, it appeared to me that anyone could call themselves a “coach.” I thoroughly investigated the field, found the International Coach Federation, learned about the profession’s ethics, standards, credentialing, hung out with ICF coaches (what an amazing group of people!), and trained with the first Master Certified Coach, Teri-E Belf. I earned my first credential while gaining confidence in my new skills. Challenged, inspired, and learning every day, I work with the greatest clients and coaches I could imagine. And, I am honored to partner with my clients as they define their success and achieve it!



Intentional living produces extraordinary results.


Help for Your Life


Together we explore the excitement of learning new dimensions about yourself, others and the possibilities of your life.

I connect with you with appreciation and joy to allow the best of you to emerge.

We tap deeper into your spirituality to invoke a sense of wonder, worth and grounding into your new exploration.

We work from a proven time-limited coaching framework to produce a higher level of consistent results.

I cherish the importance of our work and honor what is happening in the moment.



Help for Your Life


Intentional living produces extraordinary results.

We don't control what comes at us. We control how we respond. No matter the issue, career transition, retirement, divorce, or a feeling of being stuck, you have more options than you realize. In my 8-session 5-month program you will know exactly what your life purpose is and be executing a personal strategy to take all your gifts and life lessons into the next phase of life. This is the most effective way I know to find fulfillment and a sense of deep satisfaction.


Guidance & Inspiration

Exiting the military, government service, or a rich career, there is a common question for all of us. Now what? What are you called to do and be? After determining your timeline, we design a program to get you crystal clear on what you want to do consistent with your values and purpose. You may want to involve other loved ones, especially a spouse, in your planning process, to reconcile their aspirations with yours. Our objective is to move you expeditiously into action towards fulfillment and joy.


Embrace Life’s Challenges

I guarantee that after working with me you will leave with increased self-confidence about your next steps and with information, skills, as well as practical tools to help you achieve your goals.  If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, I will refund your money.


“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?”

Vincent Van Gogh



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